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Jill M. Mogil, O.D.
Clinical Director

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Focusing on Low Vision

What is the difference between low vision and poor vision? Even in the vision community, there are different definitions floating around that cause confusion, especially when it concerns referring a patient to a low vision specialist.

Dr. Jill Mogil is transforming the lives of many people living with Macular Degeneration through her low vision aids and glasses

Dr. Mogil specializes in prescribing high-powered, custom low vision glasses to patients with impaired vision due to glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or other eye diseases, particularly Macular Degeneration, a predominant cause of vision loss that affects millions of American adults ages 60+.

How Can Gateway Low Vision Help Patients with Glaucoma?

If glaucoma is caught early enough before the damage is too severe, usable vision could be significantly enhanced using high-powered low vision glasses. Making the most of the patient’s remaining vision is the goal.

#MeetTheBlind: Wesley H.

  PATIENT: WESLEY H.  Why did the patient come in?  Wesley came in with extreme vision loss due to experimental surgeries that left him legally blind. What was the main problem the patient was having?  Wesley was driving without a license and wanted to find a way to drive legally....

It’s Blindness Awareness Month

Did you know the National Federation of the Blind has designated the month of October as Blindness Awareness Month? The purpose of this month is to educate folks and spread the message to communities across the nation. What does legally blind really mean?  Legally blind does not mean the individual...

Saint Louis MO Optometrist Launches Low Vision/Macular Degeneration Solutions

Gateway Low Vision, a low vision optometry practice located in Saint Louis, Missouri, has launched its updated low vision exam services. Led by expert low vision optometrist Dr. Jill Mogil, the clinic has an extensive track record of helping patients with low vision live their fullest lives. As August is...

Where Can I Find a Low Vision Doctor?

Where Can I Find A Low Vision Doctor? Reading your favorite books is difficult. You squint a lot while watching TV. When friends or family come to visit, you find it hard to clearly see their faces. Driving is hard because the street signs, exit ramps, and other cars seem...

When to Contact a Low Vision Doctor

When To Contact A Low Vision Doctor: When You Can’t See To Do What You Want To Do When you break your leg, you feel the pain of the fracture and visit a doctor to repair the broken limb. When you hurt your back, you go to a chiropractor to...

Why AMD Patients Need 2 Doctors

Why AMD Patients Need 2 Doctors Central vision is an important element of your overall vision, allowing you to see images and objects as you look straight ahead. This function affects your ability to read books, drive a car, watch TV, or recognize faces of the people you love. For...

Top 8 Lighting Tips for People With Low Vision

You’ve got Low Vision and you need some ways of minimizing the effects on your daily activities. One of the best ways to do this is with lighting. Changing the lighting in your home or office can make a significant, positive impact on your functional vision. Check out Dr. Jill...

Trouble Seeing Your Grandkids’ Faces?

Trouble Seeing Your Grandkids' Faces? Low Vision Devices Can Help Are you frustrated that your poor vision is it getting in the way of life? Is it hard to do simple things, such as seeing your adorable grandchildren's faces You’re not alone. Many people develop vision problems later in life,...
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